2019 kids gift guide

So this might be my favorite year of the kid’s gift guide yet! Now that I have a newly 2 year old and an almost 5 year old, I feel confident in what my kids LOVE and enjoy playing with the most. You can see some of our other favorites here: preschool faves, toddler faves, children’s books, and more! I’d love to hear below what you would include on this list too!

2019 Kids Gift Guide

Globe 3D Puzzle. Max has been talking about getting a globe for months … we may start with this one!

Road Tape. My SIL had this over the summer and it provides hours of entertainment. It’s a big roll of tape that looks like a road, and I will tape down lanes in our foyer. The kids get so excited.

Magnetic Map Puzzle. I have wanted to get this for Max for a few years.

Shark slippers. Max is obsessed with sharks and he is getting these this year. How fun are they!?

Leap Frog Ice Cream Truck. Emilia got this for her birthday a few weeks ago and oh my gosh – the kids have played with it nonstop. They absolutely love it. It is very cute.

Marshmallow fleece. One of the best coats ever! It’s so warm but it’s also light at the same time.

Craft Play Table. I mention this every year but it’s the best table for kids. We’ve had the toddler play table since Max turned one (it’s covered in stickers!) and we still use it frequently.

Big Wimmelbooks –  Fire Truck Book. This is just one of these books that we love. Max can look at them forever!

JellyCat animal + matching book. We’ve loved these since Max was born. The animals are the softest ever and the books are super cute too!

Construction plate and utensils. Max would freak over this.

Latches board. Emilia especially loves this board with all the latches and chains. But Max still ends up playing with it too!

Buckle book. These books are wonderful for travel, but my kids also end up playing with them every single day.

Name stool. This is something I got my kids this year and I’m so excited! They have a name puzzle and name train, but now they will have stools. They are starting to fight over a seat or stool and these will be perfect.

One Stop Shop. My kids got this last year from Santa and they play with it every.single.day. Every day. It is the most played with toy in our house, still!

Hanna Andersson PJs. Our ultimate favorite PJs, four years in the running! These are so wonderful and we love them.

3-in-1 Scooter. This has been the other hit of this week! Emilia got this for her birthday and it’s perfect for her age – she can pull things in it, ride on it with her feet on the floor or use it like a scooter. It’s really cute!

Sorel Kids Boots. Max has a pair of Sorels that Emilia can’t quite fit into yet. I’m debating getting her a pair on sale, because they aren’t much more than Target boots then, and the quality is insane. So good if you live in a snowy climate.

Piano Dance Mat. As a child of the Big generation, I am dying to get this for my kids!

Sticker puzzles. These are Max’s favorite thing! I always always have them in my bag for when we are out and about.

Toy Shopping Cart. Max has wanted one of these for years and now Emilia is on board. They are getting this for Christmas!

A is for Awesome. One of our must have books! You can find some of our other favorite books right here.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me or gifted by friends/family! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]