holiday gift guide - under $25 stocking stuffers

It’s my favorite time! Gift guide week is here! And we’re kicking it off with this 2019 stocking stuffer gift guide – it’s incredible.

I have been sharing gift guides here on how sweet eats before gift guides were ever a thing. I LOVE putting them together for, well, frankly both you and myself! It makes shopping during the season so much better. Because this is my favorite time of year.

Most of the things you’ll find in my gifts guides won’t be a huge surprise – I’ve talked about lots of them throughout the year in my monthly favorites posts. However, I’ve scoured the internet and all my favorite stores to curate a guide of things I really, truly love, and would enjoy gifting or getting. This is theeee list.

2019 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide – Gifts Under $25

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Erade. One of everything to try! You can break these apart and end up with a few gifts in one, too.

Things They Don’t Teach You in High School. I love cards like this – they are so fun and great conversation starters.

Avocado Toast Kit. Um, enough said, right? 

iPhone Stand. This has been life changing for me! I use one in my kitchen as well as my bedroom – and I gave one to Eddie for his birthday, which is on his office desk. It’s simple and minimalistic but so helpful. 

Stasher Bags. You know these have been a favorite all year long. We love our stasher bags of all sizes in this house.

Bachca Bobby Pins. Are you like me where bobby pins go to the land of missing socks? I’m always losing them. This would be the perfect stocking stuffer! 

Kiehls Ultimate Hand Salve. This is the best ever hand cream. You can never have enough!

Heart Sunglasses. Lacy gifted us these at her bachelorette party last weekend and they have been such a hit. So cute and so fun! They all came packaged really nicely, they have a case and a microfiber wipe. We love them. 

Citrus Sprayer. This made my gift guide last year and I love this thing. We go through a crazy amount of lemons and limes over here and this is such a cool way to get the juice. It’s so good for salads and seafood.

Baggu Tote. I always appreciate a good (and somewhat stylist) reusable tote.

Charging Pad. I bought one of these for the first time this year and I love it. Not only does it work (even over my thick case), it’s great to have out when you are having guests. No need to search for a charger.

The prettiest little vase. I love all the patterns of these! I would like one of each please. These are SO many different ones. 

Tangle Teaser. Not a day goes by where we don’t use the tangle teaser – on ALL of our hair. I love that it easier fits in your purse too.

Animal Print Notebooks. My fellow paper + pen freaks can relate. This is the MUST have. I’ve already got one started with my 2020 goals and plans for the new year. 

Calacatta Gold S’well Tumbler. We bought these for Lacy’s bachelorette party last week and they are so great. I can’t even get over how gorgeous this one is – almost like a marble and rose gold swirl!

Garlic Zoom Chopper. One of my new favorite tools for chopping garlic!

Floral Kitchen Knives Set. I’ve had these all year and they are the prettiest things ever. Everyone always asks about them – they are actually fun to use when you have guests over!

Champagne Sealer. If you love champagne or prosecco… this is GOLD. 

Heart Pot Holder. I say it every year but my mom is the queen of gifting cute pot holders. They are never something I want to buy, so I love that she gives them to us!

Ladies Who Brunch Towel. On the same note as above, my mom also gifts adorable tea towels a lot. This would be so cute for a girlfriend!

Leopard Print Provisions Kit. Years ago I thought these were gimmicky until I was gifted one – and now I’m sold. I am so excited that they come in a fun leopard print now. These have all the emergency things you need, in a small adorable case.

Hummingbird Glass Straws. Absolutely love these and use them daily. 

Avocado Hugger. Uneaten halves of avocados are the bane of my existence, so these are a must.

Frozen Whiskey Glasses. That are perfect for the whiskey drinker in your life!

The most adorable airpods hanging case. I’m always petrified of misplacing my air pods. This is SUPER cute and so practical.

Pastel Highlighters. These are my absolute favorite high lighters to use in my planner. 

Barefoot Dreams Socks. So excited that they make a sock version of my favorite cozy cardigan. 

But First, Coffee Gummies. Vanilla latte gummy bears? Yes please.

Lily and Val Cooking with Love Calendar. I first discovered this last year and fell in love. The prints are so beautiful and I gave so many as gifts last year!

Terrarium Candles. I think these are SO cute and just different enough from the classic holiday candle. 

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]