tuesday things

1. We spent the weekend in rosemary beach for Lacy’s bachelorette party and it was AMAZING. White sandy beaches! Calm clear water! Sparkling sand! I got to paddle board for the first time and it was the MOST relaxing, calming thing I’ve done in ages.

2. I’ve never eaten at Popeye’s, but yesterday in the airport they had a huge sign that said WE DON’T HAVE THE SANDWICH! Not gonna lie, that sign made me really want the sandwich. Have you tried it?

3. Whoa – look at this pumpkin ruffled milk pie!

4. Have discovered the secret to avoiding Halloween candy: get a sinus infection the week of Halloween and lose all sense of taste and smell. No temptation! As awful as it was, it was nice not having the sugar hangover.

5. Brilliant: take advantage of the time change to start working out early!

6. TV things! What did you think about the finale of The Affair? I just about died in that first diner scene. I LOVED it. Even if it seemed a little goofy and fake and not as serious at the end. Also, as much as I still love a Million Little Things, I haaaate this storyline with Gary and and Maggie.

7. Not sure what it says about me that I still wear my hair like this.

8. What are you reading right now? I’m thinking about starting this book because I love a good cutesy holiday story.

9. I officially programmed all the sirius holiday stations into my car yesterday. It’s TIME. Thinking about putting the tree up too!