tuesday things

1. Max and I put up the kitchen Christmas tree this past weekend even though we are having Thanksgiving. I figure since it’s food ornaments and T Day is the biggest food day… it fits. I’m on board early this season! But I feel like Thanksgiving is celebrated for only a day or two, while Christmas can be enjoyed for weeks!

2. Pretzel tot queso fundido. I’m officially dead.

3. All I want to do in life is throw a gingerbread house decorating party.

4. TV things! I loathe where they are taking the Gary/Maggie storyline on a Million Little Things. I absolutely love love loved the episode of Grey’s! I also had a few really late work nights and started binging Workin Moms. I don’t know what I think. I LIKE it, but I find the characters SO unlikable. But also hilarious. And after the shock season two ending, I really ended up liking them more?

5. YEP. This is why I loathe talking on the phone.

6. Tell me all about Disney+. What IS it? Do I need it? Hoowwww are we supposed to do, like, four streaming services?

7. Speaking of, I kind of love the fact that Emilia is now obsessed with Frozen. She demands that we sing Let It Go at bedtime. I mean, I have to take them to see Frozen II on Friday, right?! Or is that a special kind of punishment for parents?

8. I LOVE this: how to find your passion. I feel this way about so many things! I have a hard time conveying what I want, but know exactly what I DON’T want. This usually leads to what I do. Feels complicated, but works.

9. Anyone else strolling through Target like a freak every week just to look at the Christmas decorations? I fear this is the equivalent to when my mom would drive us around to look at Christmas lights. A sad equivalent.

10. On one of my strolls, I bought this book! Starting it this week. YAY holidays.