tuesday things

1. I thrive during Thanksgiving week. The craziness, the planning, the food – I LOVE IT. I wouldn’t have it any other way. P.S. say hello to all the cards.

2. Broke down and got the new iPhone because the camera is unreal. If you’re on the fence, go for it. It has low-light shooting too! I had the XS Max and the camera has made all the differece.

3. Absolutely entranced with this holiday capsule wardrobe. Stunning!

4. Every year at this time, I stick a cooler with drinks and then a bunch of snacks outside for the UPS/Fedex delivery people. It’s my favorite thing to do. This year I almost want to go as far as baking cookies and packaging them up separately. But I’m wondering how weird that would be. I don’t know if I’d eat food from a random person’s house but I also think it looks/sounds better than a bag of baked lays.

5. Please please please tell me you’ve seen the nytcookingcomments instagram account? I spent a good chunk of time laughing out loud.

6. TV things! Last week I ended up finishing Workin Moms and I definitely got more into it. Can we talk about how I am losing it at the multiple This Is Us storylines? Ugh, so sad.

7. Yesterday we saw Frozen too and it was 100% MAGICAL. We all loved it so much. And let’s just say that now Emilia is demanding we sing Into The Unknown at night before bed. It was previously Let It Go – can’t this girl just pick a song within my range?!

8. I love Rachel’s all time favorite podcast episodes.