tuesday things

1. After turning our house into a winter wonderland over the weekend, I have a new goal for the future: finish all decorating by Thanksgiving or at the verrrry latest, Dec 1. This way we can sit and enjoy the decor the entire month! Because if you’re anything like me, come the start of January, you’re moving on!

2. This cookie advent calendar (!!!) is the best thing I’ve seen all year.

3. My (not so)pro tip for holidays and hosting holidays is to keep tons of notes in a planner or online doc. I did this the past two years and it has helped immensely. Even if it’s just bullet points of notes for me to look over about what worked/what didn’t, etc. It’s essential to my brain.

4. TV things! So I really didn’t watch anything last week, but Eddie and I did stay up way too late watching The Irishman over the weekend. I mean, I liked it, but it was long. He liked it, but he was putting together elf on the shelf crafts.

5. Speaking of! He is the elf master and comes up with super creative ideas. It doesn’t stress us out (yet? this is year 3.) but we just use it to add something else fun to the season.

6. I saw one of these a few weeks ago about music artists, but this one is super cool too: the most popular TV series since 1986. These are mesmerizing to watch! And of course, I was watching what was most popular at the time. Because I’m a marketer’s dream.

7. Okay I might have bit the bullet yesterday and did Disney+. It might have been Iron Will that pushed me over the top. Who else loved that movie?!

8. I’m all about Sunday rituals. I’ve never looked at them as rituals, but more so just the stuff I do on Sundays. Curious tho – what are you must-dos on Sunday?

9. What would you rather attend: a gingerbread house decorating party or a sugar cookie decorating party?!