tuesday things

1. Yesterday morning was the epitome of parenting. I swung my legs out of bed and stepped directly onto a lego.

2. Triple chip chocolate cookies. I die.

3. My life goal is to go to Christmas stroll weekend on Nantucket.

4. So videos of the swedish countryside at Christmas keep popping up in my recommended section of youtube, along with accounts now coming up on my Instagram. It looks like an absolute dream (like the house in snowy woods from The Holiday!) and now I must move there. I mean, speaking of life goals…

5. TV things! Um, did anyone else watch the Lea Michelle Christmas movie on ABC? It was SO good. The exact kind of story that I adore. I also watch to watch Marriage Story!

6. Seriously what did Kevin McCallister’s parents do? To fly first class to France with their huge family, have that gorgeous house and wear Burberry Coats (a detail I JUST caught over the weekend while Max and I watched Home Alone!).

7. I am officially obsessed with the starbucks irish cream coldbrew – maybe now MORE than the pumpkin! It is so, so good. And my starbucks has been out of it for FOUR days. Whaaaat.

8. Growing up, I was PETRIFIED of Santa. Like, petrified. I mean, I made my brothers sleep on my bedroom floor until I was, like, 14. I never liked him, I never sat on his lap or anything. I still get creeped out when we walk by him in the mall.

9. I went to bed fairly early (for me) the other night, then woke up at 11:30 feeling like I had slept an entire night. Like I was ready to get moving. I woke up thinking it was the morning. I mean how does that happen. I wasn’t even excited to go back to sleep.

10. Thoughts on pantone’s new color of the year? While I will never get over how fabulous radiant orchid was in 2014, I’m okay with it.