tuesday things

1. Today is the DAY!! Lacy, my life long BFF, cousin, faux sister and everything is getting married TONIGHT! I can’t even wait and it is going to be the party of the decade. Best way to kick off a new year.

2. This winter citrus pavlova looks incredible.

3. I am really sad for the holidays to end. Max and Emilia are just at the perfect age – it’s absolutely magical and it’s the first season that I’ve felt like we’re reaching the peak. Like that this won’t last forever, that they will be grown soon. Especially Max! I’m not ready for it to end.

4. At the same time, I DESPERATELY NEED REAL FOOD. Like to be back in the routine of eating normal dinner without chex mix and pretzels and random cookies lying around. Oooomph.

5. Okay, I am in deep with The Americans. I’m at the end of season 3 already! I also almost finished You. What a creepfest! But one I can’t stay away from.

6. What to do once you’ve decluttered your life.

7. The kids were kind of sick last week and I was on the verge of getting it. We’ve spent the last two Christmases sick, so I tried to take it easy and ended up reading so much. I reread Elin’s winter in paradise series and finished Nancy Thayer’s let it snow. My winter reading list is coming on Thursday, and I’m excited to bring new book features to the blog in 2020!

8. I love this every year: the best photos of 2019.

9. What are your resolutions for the new year? And do you want to see a post on mine? I tend to do one each year and could get to it this coming weekend.

10. Plus, 7 podcasts to help you reach your goals!