tuesday things

1. I am having the hardest time letting go of this holiday season! Usually I’m ready to get back in the routine, and while I AM ready, I still don’t want to say goodbye to this season. Can I just be that person that leaves the tree up year round? How can I add some twinkle lights into our rooms without making them seem college dorm-like.

2. Dying over this chocolate truffle torte. OMG.

3. My friend Rachel lists the best things she wrote and read in 2019. Rachel is the best writer I know and I trust her recommendations 100%. I admire her and look up to her. You have to see this list! I devour everything she writes.

4. Okay so I finished The Americans last night! I haven’t binged a whole show like that in a long time. I almost lost it on season 5 – I hated it, it was SO boring! The whole show reminded me of Homeland (so far) where the first seasons are incredible and the last drag on like a turtle. So glad I finished it though. Keri Russel is forever my Felicity.

5. So good: we learned to write they way we talk.

6. Remember when I decided that I was an August planner person? Now that it’s January of course I’m like I NEED A NEW PLANNER! And I keep seeing amazing ones. Tell me which one you’re using this year! I’m just curious, because I won’t switch from my beloved passion planner.

7. 50 ways to be happier + healthier in the new year.

8. So much I loved about the Golden Globes! Billy Porter’s outfit was amazzzzing, by far the best. I want both Ellen and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s suits! And an unpopular opinion, but I liked J Lo’s dress!

9. In case you were also all about the Brad Pitt/Leo love fest, they recorded a podcast together on Marc Maron!!