tuesday things

1. Are you even best friends with your BFF if you don’t have a texting, email and instagram DM going all at the same time, about different things?

2. All I want is this chocolate chip cookie granola.

3. Did you see there is a new Lay’s chip flavor coming out – tomato soup and grilled cheese?! Only one of my favorite meals ever – really not sure how I feel about this.

4. 25 tiny habits that will make you different a year from now.

5. Pretty sure I watched zero TV this week (except for the Jeopardy tournament!) – but I did watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and loved it.

6. Oh and I watched Sweet Home Alabama as background noise this weekend (one of my forever favorite movies) and thought… isn’t it hilarious how they haven’t “seen each other in seven years” but have a hard time recognizing each other? That wouldn’t even be realistic today because of social media.

7. Nothing to make you feel like a real adult than when the trash pickup day changes and you have anxiety over it.

8. These different headlines side by side about Kate and Meghan are absolutely insane.