tuesday things

1. Um how amazing is this epic baked potato board!

2. I can’t take how much my kids love to cook. Probably because it’s literally all they’ve seen me do since they day they were born (ha!) but even when it comes to toys, the play kitchen and food are the most used. The combinations that Max comes up with for us are hilarious.

3. Have the urge to tie dye all the things. I want neon tie dye! But I also hate crafts! Someone help please.

4. i also have the biggest urge to spring clean already! Can I just be snowed in so I can do that.

5. Okay oh my gosh can you imagine cooking through every Ina recipe? Dream hero.

6. TV things! I have so many thoughts. This Is Us was good and kinda scary and I want to know the deal with Kevin! I’m still over the Maggie/Gary drama on a Million Little Things but am curious about the rest of that storyline. I don’t really like when they do the Grey’s crossovers either. ALSO WHY AM I STILL WATCHING WITHOUT ALEX KAREV.

7. Did you watch the Grammys? I loved Ariana’s huge tulle dress and her performance too. And Demi Lovato’s performance… omg.

8. This is terrifying: secondhand screen time is as bad as secondhand smoke.

9. My current obsession: using my ice roller when I first wake up because it wakes you the heck up! Who needs coffee?