tuesday things

1. I’m 95% sure Max got more candy for Valentine’s Day parties than he did on Halloween. Nothing like sneaking all the peanut butter cups, right?

2. Whoa. Look at these loaded shawarma spiced fries.

3. I did a dumb thing and broke my glasses. That wasn’t the dumb thing. The dumb thing was – of course, I’ve had a prescription to get new glasses for, like, three years, but did I do it? NOPE. So then I broke my glasses (to the point where they are basically unwearable) and I’ve been waiting forever for new glasses. I need to better parent myself.

4. Five ways to make mornings less stressful. I am all about prepping as much at night as I can.

5. Honestly think February might feel longer than January!

6. My kids are obsessed with robes and slippers. They even wear the robes over their clothes. It’s basically the cutest thing of live.

7. TV things! I’m kind of over the station 19 + grey’s crossover episodes. I like station 19 but I just want separate stories?! Homeland thoughts? The ending was kind of crazy and is reeling me in. But most importantly, did you see the Stranger Things sneak peek? And did you watch To All The Boys 2?!

8. Six ways to read more this year. For the last 6 months (or more) I’ve been reading in the school dropoff/pickup line waiting for Max. It’s been great!