tuesday things

1. I am seriously LIVING for this pastel ombre (and well, just pastel!) trend this spring. I can’t even tell you how many items are just sitting in my online carts. My closet will be filled with only leopard print and pastel.

2. Chocolate chip cookie dough poundcake? What what what!

3. We had 2 days of weather in the 50s and it was SUCH a tease. This is my least favorite time of year for that reason – it feels like spring takes forever to get here. And since it’s lighter in the mornings, my kids are waking up at the crack of dawn.

4. How to prioritize when everything is urgent. So very needed. I’m definitely the person who gets so overwhelmed when I have a lot to do and then end up doing nothing because I’m so overwhelmed.

5. Mall madness is coming back. My life is made. That game was everything.

6. TV Things! Okay, so this episode of This Is Us was the first one I enjoyed in a while. Probably because I also buried a time capsule as a kid! I also loved a Million Little Things. And Homeland is growing on me a little too.

7. I know nothing and thought the “aughts” meant the 80s. Seriously. The internet has ruined my brain. Embarrassing.

8. How not to care when people don’t like you. People pleasers, read this!

9. Happy fat tuesday! What should I make for dinner?!