tuesday things

1. So very much here for this mac and kimcheese!

2. If you follow me on instagram then you know I’ve been making recipes on my stories – and my mom, dead seriously, asked me how I chop the onions so fast. Where did I learn to chop that fast? And this is where I got to educate her about the timelapse setting on your camera….

3. And speaking of, why is it so temping to watch our own IG stories?

4. A celery salad is my actual worst nightmare.

5. Grocery stores hacks! I’m terrible at using coupons and going to the store hungry.

6. TV things! So I am almost finished with Love is Blind. I CANNOT!! This show is crazy. I’m also so tempted to look ahead since this was filmed in 2018, but I don’t want to spoil the ending. Can we also talk about how good This Is Us was last week? And how I refuse to even take on the alex karev grey’s episode this week?!

7. After we surprised the kids sunday morning with disney on ice and said we were “going somewhere special,” Emilia immediately screamed “target! we’re going to target!” and yes… I share her enthusiasm. Ha. Target is special.

8. Life isn’t like the movies, even when you write the movies. Nancy Meyers is everything.

9. Inquiring minds need to know: do you call lollipops “suckers?” Or just… lollipops? Suckers is one of those words I just can’t handle!