tuesday things

1. I’ve never wanted to live in a warm climate until NOW. Holy smokes. I wish more than ever that I lived somewhere warm and could chill on the patio all evening with a glass of wine.

2. Need a project? Hello créme brûlée cream puffs!

3. In my quarantined state, I’ve been wishing I had weird things to eat and keep adding them to my grocery list. First up: ice cream sandwiches. Haven’t had one in a million years!

4. How to perfect your work from home set up so your back doesn’t hurt! This is good.

5. Someone please tell me how I didn’t know about rolled tortilla chips. We’ve just discovered these and now my life is forever changed.

6. TV Things!! Absolutely loved a Million Little Things last week (except for the Eddie storyline… like why). I’m totally over Homeland, too much time has passed, but I will finish it out. I really wanted to start Little Fires Everywhere! And who else is super excited for Billions! Can’t wait. We also did a binge of The Office over the weekend. Never gets old.

7. The best quarantine fun award goes to rita wilson.

8. I’ve been working on a puzzle and Max loves the idea of it, but a 1000 piece puzzle has blown his mind. Every night he thinks we can finished it and then he breaks apart the edges I’ve built. It’s actually hilarious.

9. Have you gone down the tik tok rabbit hole yet? I have to say, there are definitely stages. The first is WTF is this. The second is, I can’t stop watching. The third is, how can these teenagers be dancing to such inappropriate lyrics WITH THEIR PARENTS. And the fourth is, I wonder if I could do this, it looks fun. No worries, I would never. But I secretly want to.

10. My March reaching post will come next week, but just an FYI that I’m reading Oona Out of Order and oh my gosh it is SO wonderful. I love it.