tuesday things

1. Who ever thought that March would feel longer than January?! Pretty sure April might feel twice as long.

2. Really want to make these spicy egg roll bowls.

3. One thing I’m loving to do every day is watch Maria Shriver’s live instagram. She usually has on guests and while some are celebs, it doesn’t give you that feeling of watching celebs in their giant homes have a quarantine vacation. It’s really inspiring and enjoyable.

4. How to give yourself a mental break.

5. TV things!! How brutal was This Is Us last week? That fight BROKE my heart. And a Million Little Things! I loved the episode but am SO over Maggie, can’t even believe the baby storyline and the ending. Crazy. ALSO – we watched Tiger King (who else feels like it’s practically Kenny Powers, real life?) last week in one sitting (omg) and we’re halfway through Ozark. Have you watched either?

6. This is the best: some good news with John Krasinski.

7. I’ve read lots of articles about people putting up Christmas lights/trees to bring joy to these days. I actually think it’s a fun idea because we rarely get to sit home and just enjoy the lights/tree in December, but can’t even imagine dragging it out and putting it away. Ha.

8. But on the other hand, I’m basically cooking like it’s the holiday season SO WHY NOT. Gotta reel it in.

9. 57 things to do with friends besides catching up. This is good.

10. Where is the first place you want to go when this is over?