tuesday things

1. Yesterday marked one month since we’ve gone anywhere aside from driving in the car. I’m afraid I won’t know how to leave the house after this!

2. Hot cheetos deviled eggs. Oh mylanta.

3. Guys, while I don’t have a ton of free time in quarantine, in the moments I do have, my boredom is so high that I’ve almost resorted to doing Facebook quizzes. Please come rescue me.

4. 10 ways to get yourself out of a funk. I’ve been doing many of these.

5. The entertainment of the last few days is that we have a huuuuge fly in our house and can’t manage to get rid of it. Emilia runs around screaming “it’s alive” and every 20 minutes Max yells “OH NO!” which makes me jump and think something is actually wrong. It’s tons of fun.

6. TV things! So much. We finished Ozark. OH MY GOSH, it was unreal. So good. Grey’s last week was fine and weird at times. I started Little Fires Everywhere last night and love it!

7. I AM CRYING. This video is unreal if you love Hamilton. Please watch right now. It gets good in the middle, trust me. I’ve watched a hundred times.

8. This idea of career journaling is something interesting.

9. The social distancing has screwed with my brain so much that as I’m reading books, all I’m thinking is “wait, you can’t walk outside in NYC right now? Wait, you can’t all be in the room together!” I wish I was joking.

10. Have you tried the whipped dalgona coffee yet? I tried it and shared on instagram and was not impressed. It was weird.

11. This is a reminder of something lost long ago. I’ve thought about this many times over the last month, even before reading.