tuesday things

1. What is keeping you sane right now? Social media? Reading? Meditation? I want to know!

2. I find myself grieving little things that are very trivial but also such a part of our everyday life. It’s like every day I think of something different (for instance, our school routine will always be different since when Max goes back he will be in kindergarten) and I. Right now I’m looking forward to planting and flowers and hoping we can do that?! Can we go to a greenhouse?

3. Oh my gosh. Dalgona coffee cream puffs?! These are insane.

4. The sentence most said in this house is “STOP JUMPING OFF THE COUCH! WE CAN’T GO TO THE ER RIGHT NOW!!!” Who’s with me?!

5. Even though last week was difficult, it weirdly feels like April is blowing by. I know that sounds insane given the current situation, and I mean the days are SO long but I also can’t believe the month is half over. Maybe this is because I lost a week of my life finishing the book. Ha.

6. I am currently binge washing dishes. This is correct.

7. TV things!! I thought the Grey’s finale was fine. I sort of love the Teddy storyline even though this (or something) always happens to Owen! I am LOVING Little Fires Everywhere. It is so, so good. I’ve missed Kerry Washington on TV so much!

8. During bad times, don’t look down. Love this from my friend Rachel! It’s an excerpt from her book coming out in May which I am SO excited about.

9. Can’t wait to be out of quarantine but also sort of fearing the day when I have to put jeans on. Maybe I’ll wait until next fall.

10. I started You Deserve Each Other last night. It’s cute!