tuesday things

1. Oh wow. Dalgona coffee chocolate cake! I didn’t love the dalgona coffee but this I think I could do.

2. I’m sure I’ve asked this in the over 10 (!!!) years that I’ve been doing Tuesday things, but are you an alarm person? While I probably will always wake up before 6 or 7 without one, I even set one on the weekends. I absolutely loathe the idea of sleeping in on the weekends and wasting the day. Even now!

3. This situation has made me want to go back to the good old magazine days. Longtime readers will know that I was obsessed with magazines – I mean, I still am, but I barely read them now so I don’t get any. At this point I’m ready to subscribe to a bunch!

4. TV things! Okay, we are OBSESSED with The Last Dance. It’s so, so good. I also started OuterBanks. And I watched Run on HBO! I like it. Thoughts? Oh and the finale of Homeland… I wanted to love it. And it’s not that I hated it… I just wish that I loved the show like I once did. I do like how the flash forward ended.

5. Speaking of, my secret crush on Dr Fauci has only been heightened after Brad Pitt played him on SNL. Pretty much teared up at the end!

6. Tell me about your grocery situation these days. Still going once a week or every other? How are you managing fresh produce?

7. I can even believe this but Rachel makes me want a pair of Crocs.

8. Where are you dying to go right now? For me, aside from, like, Target (ha), I just want to go to all of our family vacation spots. And Nantucket, because we were there last summer and it was just so magical and the magic is still fresh. You know?