tuesday things

1. Of course, during a pandemic is the first year that our whole foods would carry watermelon radish. It’s too pretty to eat.

2. Majorly craving these whole meyer lemon meringue bars.

3. I’ve never wanted to live by water as bad as I do right now! I also really wish that we had a pool, as I peer into the summer with the thoughts of limited social interaction. What’s one thing you wished you had/had access to right now?!

4. How to destress when you work from home.

5. Emilia loves to sing and basically sings all day long. Before bed, she likes to pick out animals or objects and we make up songs about them. Well, last night she was picking things like “humidifier” and “ponytails.” I basically think she is the funniest person on the planet!

6. TV things!! Okay I have no idea how I forgot to mention Billions last week! Gosh I love the Axe/Chuck dynamic. Still definitely pulling for an Axe/Wendy romance too. And I watched Normal People too! I found it a little slow and kind of hard to hear (like I kept turning the volume way up) but all in all I really liked it a lot. Also we’re still loving The Last Dance.

7. By the way, does watched The Last Dance bring back memories of wearing a Starter jacket in elementary school? Hellllo 90s. I wore the Charlotte Hornets one because it was teal and purple and even then my world revolved around bright colors.

8. Totally get this: why time feels so weird right now.

9. I finished Big Summer this past weekend and it was SO good. I didn’t read the jacket before I started and it was so much different than I thought it would be. But really good. Follow the book club here!