1. Decided that motherhood this week can be defined as trying to figure out what the “blue let it go song” is because it’s not the regular “let it go” song and man, Emilia is letting.me.know.

2. This looks like the most perfect strawberry margarita.

3. Help! How do I take care of sunflowers? I bought two last month because Max has always wanted them. Do I deadhead the blooms? I feel like mine are already on their way out. But in other news, my herbs are flourishing and going wild.

4. Is this the end of minimalism? I found this so interesting! Because at the beginning of quarantine, I ended up ordering puzzles (something I had decluttered previously) and really wished I had a freezer stash of food. Quarantine has definitely made me feel like I need to have a stash of many things in case this happens again.

5. TV things! My TV game wasn’t strong this last week, I ended up reading a lot more instead. Billions is dragging for me. And I realized that Euphoria should be starting back up soon so I searched it and can’t find any release dates, most likely due to the pandemic. Gah, that was my fave last summer.

6. How to do thoughtful work when you can’t focus.

7. Accidentally bought mega stuff oreos for a recipe and am very conflicted. They have so much icing in the center that it might be too much.

8. Summer fridays starts this week! Woohoo!