tuesday things

1. This iced pineapple sweet tea sounds amazing and so refreshing!

2. Also, just FYI: how to make a single glass of lemonade.

3. I know I keep saying I feel like it is still March, but on the other hand I feel like the fall/holidays will arrive in 10 minutes. This time is so so so weird.

4. What are you reading right now? My June recap is coming later this week, but yesterday I finished The Lies That Bind and absolutely loved it.

5. If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel, Emma talks about writing her first during qaurantine! So inspiring.

6. TV things! The only thing we’re really watching right now is Yellowstone (and it is SO GOOD). But has anyone else watched Floor is Lava on netflix? OMG, Max is loving it. And if you played that made up game as a kid, you get major nostalgia vibes. Who even came up with this!

7. Who else is losing their mind with excitement over Hamilton coming out this Friday?!

8. We’re living in the retro future. This!! I’ve thought the same so many times.

9. Speaking of… does anyone else keep their sourdough starter for all things except… bread? Ha. I can’t nail the bread and at this point the process is just so long that I’ve lost patience. But I do love using the starter in so many other things.

10. Hello, can someone please come build me this playhouse?!