what i read in may 2020

This was a huge reading month for me, even though it started out slowly. I’m not surprised, because it’s the time of year when lots of books are released – especially ones by authors I already know and love. The other great thing? I loved everything I read this month. It was a wonderful surprise.

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What I read in May 2020

Beach Read – 5 Stars

I finished this over the weekend and absolutely LOVED it. Like really loved it, definite five star. The story follows a girl who inherits a home as a result of her father having a secret life. The house is next door to her college writing nemesis and the story goes from there. I heard a few of you say it’s a little hard to follow but I personally loved the banter, and as a lifelong hopeless romantic and wannabe fiction writer, I totally related. It was such a great read and I loved it.

Summer Longing – 5 stars

Our June book club pick! Another 5 stars for me! Also absolutely LOVED this book. It follows a woman who recently sold her own company is looking to start over in a place where she once found great happiness. A baby is left on her doorstep and it highlights how the tight knit community comes together. I absolutely loved the story, especially the ending. I think I read one of Jamie Brenner’s books last summer or the year before, but I can’t even remember! So I want to read all of her others now.

Feels Like Falling – 4 stars

This is the first book I read by Kristy Woodson Harvey and I sooo enjoyed it. I’ve seen a lot of reviews say this and it’s true – definitely feels like a southern Elin Hildebrand! I loved her characters in this and even though they were so different, the story came together well. I loved the ending!! I have her Peachtree Bluff books on tap to read too and I’ve heard they are even better!

The Art of Showing Up – 5 stars

Absolutely adored this book too! This is not fiction, but rather a guide (with a tiny tiny bit of memoir sprinkled in) on how to show up for others as well as showing up for yourself. I not only bought the book but I also downloaded the kindle version because there are some points that really spoke to me, and I wanted to have access to them at all times on my phone. Rachel is one of my favorite writers – her words just speak to me – and this book is so well done and relatable. Highly highly recommend!

The Islanders – 3.5 stars

I enjoy Meg Mitchell Moore’s books and again, found myself wondering if I read this already! Ha! I think I may have started it last summer and not finished? It mainly followers three people who have secrets and end up intertwined in each other’s lives. It dragged in a few spots for me and I had trouble getting into it at first, but that just could have been the time I was reading. Still recommend it as a good read!

After All – 3.5 stars

I really liked this book and of course, it included one of my favorite tropes – a reunited sort of love. This follows the story of a woman who moves back to her hometown to renovate the inn that her ex-boyfriend’s (who has passed away) mother owns. It’s another small town story and how the renovation brings people together. There are a few twists and turns; a little predictable as I saw the big one coming, but still great to read about.

All Adults Here – 5 stars

Another winner for me. This story follows a woman who watched a family acquaintance get hit by bus. That part is not really as graphic as that sounds, if that makes sense, there is even humor sprinkled in. After the accident, the woman questions how she has raised her adult kids. It was so good! I love Emma Straub’s writing so much. This book really hooked me and had me invested in the family.

Big Summer – 4.5 stars

Another great one! I love all things Jennifer Weiner and her latest did not disappoint. The story follows a girl (an influencer, ha!) who agrees to be in her “friend’s” (using that term loosely) wedding and catastrophic events happen. There are lots of twists and turns in this one too and I really liked it.

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