june favorites

A list of all the things I loved in June! xo


ALDI sourdough crumpets. If you haven’t tried these yet, you must. They are incredible. SO fluffy and soft, then you toast them and spread with butter… omg. Better than an english muffin!

My grilled vegetable orzo. Because the smashed feta vinaigrette is everything! I can’t even count how many times I made it this month. A million! And I’m making it again this weekend.

Reese’s thins. I am unapologetically a chocolate snob and for years I have preferred Justins’ peanut butter cups of Reeses. Then I found these last month when buying s’mores ingredients and they are really the perfect thing for s’mores! I can’t believe how much everyone loves them.


The apple pride sport band! Not that this is really “fashion,” (I mean, it may be the opposite, haha) but I adore the new pride band. It’s the sport band, so if you have your hands/arms in water a lot, it won’t be constantly drenched. I absolutely love it.

Z Supply Reverie Midi Dress. I looooove this dress! It’s so breezy and cool for hot days. It comes in a million colors and it’s cute. Just the most comfortable thing ever. I also have the animal tank dress and am obsessed!

Juliette Dunn Tie Dye Leopard Cover Up Dress. I am such a sucker for color and leopard print and this combines them! I live in a swimsuit cover up when the kids are swimming and love this one so much. I got it back in April and unfortunately I can’t find this in stock anywhere but the Juliette Dunn site. It is so, so cute and fun! It will be one of those cover ups that I use forever.


Gee Thanks Just Bought It Podcast. This is one of my new favorite podcasts. I discovered it after Rachel was on, and then I really fell in love again with the Elin episode!

The Vanishing Half. This was my favorite book I read in June. It is captivating and you get so sucked into the story.

Yellowstone. We love this show so much! It just returned two weeks ago and it’s as good as ever.


Tan Lines candle. Yes I sound like a broken record but this candle is the perfect summer scent. It’s not too floral-y, it’s not overly sweet, it’s not too coconutty. It’s perfect.

OXO salad spinner. The salad spinner has changed my life for washing and dry greens. Especially right now – I buy most of our kale and lettuce from a local farm and while it’s delicious, it’s still covered in dirt when I buy it! This has been a lifesaver and much easier than spreading the greens out on towels all over my counters.

Raw Sugar Watermelon Mint Hand Soap. This is our hand soap of summer! It has been for the last few summers and it smells so ridiculously good. The kids love it.


Rainbow splash pad. This might have been the best quarantine purchase! We have a smaller splash pad from last year that the kids love too, but this is like one big amazingly squishy waterbed! It’s so cool and great for sensory play too – it feels so good to walk on. The description says it’s a slide, but we don’t have a hill, so we just place it in the flat yard. It’s super fun!

Connect 4. Max is obsessed with connect 4. He had played a few times over the last couple of years (like at the museum, etc) but we didn’t have the game until March. It’s one of his favorite things to play and he and Eddie play multiple games each night.

Jabari Jumps. I added so many new books to our collection last month and this is by far Emilia’s favorite. It’s so perfect right now too with swim season! I don’t know how we didn’t have this book yet. You can see some of our favorite kids books right here.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]