tuesday things

1. My mind is blown: sourdough ice cream! Oh my gosh.

2. Japanese beetles are destroying my basil, so I finally decided to get one of those bag trap things. You know? I ignored the directions that said to put it at least 10 feet away from the plants – I probably put it seven feet away. Well that was great, because then I got dive bombed by Japanese beetles! I’m still trying to recover. Clearly.

3. But speaking of plants! One of the silver linings to come out of this summer is that my flowers and herbs are doing the best they have ever done. I use so many fresh herbs every single day – our meals are incredible.

4. 10 ways to make the most of your mornings!

5. TV things! Still only watching Yellowstone and still LOVING it. I mean that stuff with Rip and Beth – again?! Oh my gosh. I am worried about the wolves (haha- foreshadowing?!).

6. Pretty sure I wrote this ten years ago in Tuesday things, but last week all of our smoke detectors went off (when one needs a new battery, they all go). I am thankful for this safety feature but we couldn’t get them turned off for like 15 minutes and oh my gosh. Our ears.

7. New rules for keeping your kitchen clean during a pandemic. Coming from someone who trashes her kitchen almost daily, I do most of these things already and agree that they are game changers!

8. I’ve never wanted an RV/airstream before and now, much like my desire to live int he middle of now way, of course it’s all I can think about! Just like all the acreage though, Eddie thinks I’m insane. That’s why I’m the dreamer in this relationship and he’s the logical one.