Kind of crazy to think that there are less than 20 weeks left in the year.

Here’s what we did this week!

I realized it is sort of out last weekend of summer… forever. Ha, not FOREVER forever. But with Max starting kindergarten, from now on we will always have school starting in the fall – like full time school and not preschool just a few hours a week. Does that make sense? It does in my head. HA.

Bike ride time!

And a little picnic.

I made Eddie some stuffed banana peppers.

I have zero interest in this meal, but it’s one of his favorites! He loves it and I surprised him with it one day after work.

Pumpkin cold brew season is back!!

We had a few of the hardest summer rains this week.

And accidentally got caught in one!

Cut a few strawberries ourselves. On an easter plate.

Morning muffins at grandmas with shoes on the wrong feet.

He is the best.

Local tomatoes that literally taste like candy.

A hummus plate from one of our favorite restaurants! I’ve recreated a version of this before too.

Working on hockey skills. If you couldn’t tell by now, Max is really into ghostbusters.

Weekend breakfast!

And bubbles.


Sunday = grilled vegetables.

AND!!! I made lobster rolls with the lobster that we got in our butcher box this month.

Connecticut style of course. It’s been three years to the day since we were in Maine on our own personal lobster roll tour.

Finished off the week with cookies from our favorite bakery!