tuesday things

1. The other day the worst thing in the world happened. I was drinking coffee and got to the end and found a bug in my glass. I mean. Just no. (Also pretty sure this happened to me once before. WHY?! It was a clean glass!)

2. Look at these cookies and cream ice cream drumsticks! OMG.

3. I know last week I said I wasn’t ready for fall but today we took a boat ride in 55 degree weather and then I had to go buy four blankets and more sweatshirts and let’s just say I was tempted to buy a pumpkin caramel candle.

4. Thoughts on Folklore from an 8 year old. This could be Emilia… ha! Side note: I am loving the album more and more and more every day! The kids love it so much too!

5. TV things! Still obsessed with Yellowstone but can I also just say that we stumbled upon It’s Complicated (one of my all-time fave movies ever!) on TV the other night and it still reigns supreme.

6. How the pandemic made everyone eat bread again. Crazy.

7. Who else wishes that right now you could see three years into the future to see what will be happening?! I don’t want to wish time away but the unknown year ahead has me spinning.

8. What is essential meaningful productivity. I love this!