We had a fun week!

The kids are “hiding” under the umbrellas.

Still making our house salad once a week, at least.

My cutie!

She still has the best style ever.

We decorated for fall!

Obligatory burning of the leaves candle.

Can’t stop with pumpkin cream cold brew.

Made peach cobbler! Probably for the last time this summer. Waaah.

Max is obsessed with ghostbusters right now. He put on these pants so he matched their outfits. Ha.

First pumpkin beer of the season!

Tried this one too and it was terrible – tasted like a dirty dish towel and that’s putting it nicely.

Made a perfect pico with the best local cherry tomatoes.

To throw on top of nachos. SO GOOD.

She could spend all day here.

He and Eddie drew a giant Jurassic park all over the driveway.

I know it’s still summer, but of all times, my dahlias just started blooming again!

We went to meet max’s teacher one day.

These two are having the most fun summer!

Can’t get enough of them.