It was a huge week around here!

Max had his first day of school. Kindergarten!

How is this even possible?!

It was an amazing week and a hard week. He loves it. He bounds out of bed and is thrilled to be back. Emilia and I miss him so much! Our house seems so weird without him during the day. It’s like my little best friend for the last five years that has done everything with me is now… away for hours every day! It’s sad, but he loves school so, so much. The first day, Emilia literally RAN into his arms the minute he got home. My heart wants to explode just thinking of it.

How is he this big?!

Cuddles before school. I don’t know how long it will take us to get used it.

But the bonus is some one on one time with this babe!

Eggs for dinner is the only meal I remembered to photograph this week.

These are Emilia’s “party puppies.” They were watching all the trucks dig outside for the neighbors who are getting a pool. She is so funny.

Making herself a little snack. These are the knives.

We had some cousin time at one of our favorite farms!

These cuties!!

And this hair. Didn’t really think about how tricky it would be to take out at 9PM after a day of wild playing and exhaustion.

Signs of fall!

This was such an exciting weekend because we got to celebrate Lacy’s (drive by) baby shower!

This crazy cupcake is from bella christie.

We made a balloon garland – OMG it was so, so much easier than I thought!

My uncle threw together these amazing tacos after we set up.

So good.

These lovebugs had the best weekend.

Apple perfection.

How cute were the drive by signs!?

And these cookies… I can’t even. It was a good week!