This is how we spent the last full week of September!

Can’t even handle these two together!!

Made my favorite egg salad for lunches.

Just a part of what I do all week!

I want to frame this photo.

Emilia love to “pretend” sleep.

It took me four tries of photographing the pumpkin lasagna to get the picture I wanted. I scrapped the post early last week so I could reshoot, again!

The cutest hockey boy.

Ventured out and got my hair done!

Emilia had a park play date and we did a little fall craft.


Emilia is obsessed with magnatiles right now. Max loved them for years and now they are her favorite thing. Side note: why are kids so obsessed with building and playing on the stairs?!

Last week I actually marinated a big bag of chopped vegetables in balsamic, then grilled them and used them in so many dinner recipes. It was the best idea.

Temps went back up to the 80s (I’m so over it) so that meant lots of outside time.

Takeout mexican, which we haven’t had in weeks!

Egg in the hole for breakfast with fresh sourdough.

Last night I made caramelized onion and butternut ravioli with broccoli and a house salad. It was so good!

Seriously cannot believe September is almost over.

They are my life!