favorite fall candles

Because I’m a crazy candle person and always looking for the best fall candles!

Okay, in all fairness, ever since having kids, my candle craziness has died down significantly. First, when I was pregnant I couldn’t really handle many scents. Then when the kids were super little I didn’t want lots of fragrance around, plus I had major mom-brain (uh, I still do) and didn’t want to forget to extinguish said candles.

I still don’t burn candles constantly because of how young my kids are (some toy always has the possibility of flying through the air, you know?!), but I do LIVE for fall candle scents. Live!! It’s my favorite season by far and holds all of my favorite scents.

(Also! I don’t burn candles when cooking. There are just way too many competing scents.)

Over the years, I’ve mostly stopped buying Bath and Body Works candles and instead try to find a cleaner burning candle (such as one made with coconut wax) but there are a few that I just can’t quit in the fall. I usually let myself buy one and savor it, which is hard since they burn so fast.

Annnnnyway, so many of you asked for this post, so I wanted to share, in case you’re a crazy fall candle person like me too. Some notes: I don’t burn candles together, and I usually make sure I burn through one before starting another. Kind of like books, haha.

Would love to hear your favorite fall candle scents below!

My Favorite Fall Candle Scents

Bath and Body Works Leaves

This is the OG fall candle for me. It smells incredible – mostly like apple, a touch of cinnamon but also a very light hint of smokiness. I’ve loved it for so long that the scent is literally FALL to me.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Apple

This is my next favorite fall version from B&BW. It’s more apple-y than leaves and smells more like Thanksgiving when burning, but it’s still a fresher apple-y pumpkin scent.

Bath and Body Works Cider Lane

Finally, the other one I can’t quit! I’ve got this candle every since the first year it was released (either 4 or 5 years ago) and it can be tricky to find. To me, this smells like caramel apples (without any sickly sweetness from the caramel) and a hint of outdoors or smokiness. It smells amazing.

Nest Pumpkin Chai

Pumpkin chai has been my go-to for the last three or four years. Some of those years, it’s been the only one I’ve burned. Everyone loves this one! It’s a spicier pumpkin scent and very warming. This is a pricier candle, but will last for a long time. I usually buy it at the sephora VIB fall sale so I can get it at 20% off. It also goes on sale at the end of the season but sells out quickly. I also get the reed diffusers in this scent for our bathroom and they last for months.

Homesick Pumpkin Patch

This is a new-to me candle this year and it is absolutely incredible. It’s like a fresh pumpkin scent with a very light hint of cinnamon – not a lot of sweetness. I adore this.

Capri Blue Pumpkin Dulce

I love Capri candles and this scent is so good. It’s very pumpkin-vanilla without being too sweet. Sweet scents give me a headache and this one is perfect. Not too sweet at all.

Thymes Simmered Cider

My mom has been burning this scent almost exclusively for over a year now. I think she got her first one last fall and she even burned it all throughout the summer. It makes the house smell fantastic. It’s very warm apple cider-y and extremely fragrant. Lacy just gave me this one (it’s the one photographed above) and it is definitely a favorite. It also comes very close to Leaves. It might even be able to replace the Leaves candle. Thymes candles tend to have sales now and then and also come in tons of different sizes. I haven’t tried these reed diffusers but they’re next on my list.

Hearth and Hand Harvest

I’m embarrassed to admit that I started burning this in early august. It made the entire house smell WONDERFUL. I also love that this scent comes in many different sizes and containers. There are a few options but they seem to be going quickly.

(none of this is sponsored but there are a few affiliate links above! thank you! xo)