tuesday things

1. The importance of book stores right now. They’ve always felt magical to me.

2. My morning pages routine really flew out the window with the pandemic. But I just did some night pages and might actually like that idea better. It’s almost like therapy!

3. Living for apple season right now.

4. How incredible are these babka style scones?!

5. Five daily goals to stay sane. I really like these. And five seems so manageable.

6. TV Things!! Well… there’s not much new TV on so along with rewatching The West Wing, I rewatched some True Blood episodes then promptly had a heart attack that it was on over ten years ago. Wowza. What are you binging right now?

7. The uncertainty of what you should be working on right now. I LOVE this. It’s actually from February, practically pre-pandemic (almost) but is so so pertinent to right now. I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed and this helps a lot.

8. This week is the last summer fridays post for the year! Speaking of, fall recipes are coming in hot. Man are they GOOD!

9. Who else is decorating for fall this weekend?! Do you “decorate” for seasons or holidays? I never got 100% into it until I had kids, and now I’m an unofficial crazy person. Wahoo.