tuesday things

1. Today is Max’s first day of school! I can’t believe it. Even though I feel like I’ve been really intentional with my time since having kids, I’ve been having multiple “but where’d the time go?!” moments over the last two weeks.

2. Clear things out. Yes yes yes.

3. Do you have a before and after school routine? I’m all ears.

4. My current past time is searching online for seasonal decor that I do not need to buy.

5. Salted dark chocolate cookie dough bites need to happen in my house.

6. TV things!! In the midst of my West Wing rewatch, I also started watching Friday Night Lights after accidentally on purpose finding a marathon on this weekend. Also, who else feels like they can’t miss DWTS now because of Carol Baskin?!

7. How to spend less time on social media. I mean, I want to… but I don’t.

8. I was talking to the Starbucks drive through person and Emilia was like WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO SOMEONE? This is 2020. Where we don’t talk to strangers!

9. One that same note I realized why I’m just so ready for fall now! I think with all the unpredictability, I just keep wanting to move forward.

10. How to find time to read as a parent! SO many of you ask me this all the time. While I do most of my reading at night (I have a love/hate relationship with amazing fiction that makes me pull an all-nighter), I’ve also utilized the school drop off line, etc. I love the idea of a family reading party!