tuesday things

1. Can you spot the bee on the sunflower?!

2. Oh my gosh. Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed pound cake.

3. Tell me about indoor herbs. My herbs were so incredible this year (still are) and I’m not ready to let them go. But how do you handle them indoors? And is it worth it? Because I use a TON, so it may not even be worthwhile?

4. I got my first strawless lid from starbucks the other day and it really wasn’t that bad!

5. Speaking of, our starbucks drive thru has become INSANE since the pandemic hit – it’s not unusual to have to wait 35 minutes for a drink. The worst part is that I don’t even mind, because I have no where else to go… so… I’m the nutjob who will wait in the line.

6. How to be more present in the moment. Love.

7. TV things! All I can say is that I am so deep into Friday Night Lights. This might be the best binge I’ve decided on all year! Also, have you watched The Home Edit on Netflix yet?

8. With football back on, I feel very validated in making a big game day cheeseboard. But it would only be us eating it.

9. Also, I’m very tempted to put up the Christmas tree. Haha wish I was joking.

10. I am so tempted to get a lap desk. Do you have one?!