tuesday things

1. Is anyone else freaking that it’s almost October?! How?!

2. The habit dip. Wow. Reading this was life changing for me.

3. This past weekend was the most perfect fall weather – it was actually a little cold. I refuse to get excited about it though as I’m sure the temps will go back up to 85.

4. Also, over the weekend I realized that we have zero family photos together since the pandemic began. I think I’m challenging myself to take a family pic of the four of us once a week for the rest of the year!

5. Really want these cinnamon roll biscuits.

6. Have you noticed that there is a pumpkin shortage? It’s making me crazy – I did get a few cans on amazon, but my stores are usually stocked year round. Did we replace clorox hoarding with pumpkin hoarding?! I have a pumpkin recipe coming tomorrow and rest assured that you can also use butternut squash for it! P.S. there are a few cans online at target too… run!

7. TV Things!! Well, I’m still just in a vicious spiral of Friday Night Lights. I’m at the end of season 2. Is it crazy to say I’m even more of a Matt Saracen fan than Tim Riggins?!

8. This year doesn’t work without meal planning. I could not agree more. Even though we are home so much more, more meal planning has saved me.

9. I actually went to Target in person (have been doing delivery since March) and I have to say, maybe the pandemic finally stopped them from trying to convince everyone to open a redcard?! Not one word was said about it.

10. Starting The Roommate tonight. What are you reading?!