1. 100% going to make these favorite chocolate chip cookies.

2. I’ve also been dying to make these lemon bars.

3. One of my worst nightmares ever happened last week… there was a verrrry large bug in my car. A cricket. I mean, we should probably just get rid of the car now.

4. Since I can’t even handle one small bug, my so-called dream of living on a lot of land is one big joke. Or said Eddie says.

5. TV things! I finished Friday Night Lights. I am now in a major depression that it is over. I don’t know how I feel about the ending – ugh! I’m definitely in a show hangover and not sure what to binge next.

6. Speaking of TV, did you watch the Father of the Bride 3 special? I was so, so excited for it. I thought it was cute but ultimately it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Still absolutely love this article by Nancy Meyers. (NYT)

7. Now I’ve decided that time is just going to fast. I mean how is it almost October.

8. How to turn jealousy into productivity!

9. There’s been a redesign in the works here on the site for a long time now – tell me, what is your favorite part of a recipe index? What would you love in a new site?