what i read in august 2020

What started out as a slow reading month ended up a really great note! I got back into the reading groove this month and even had a few books so good that they were practically all-nighters (anyone else love those?!).

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What You Wish For – 3.5 stars

This book got me out of my reading rut! Samantha is a teacher and finds out her old crush will be the new principal at her school. He doesn’t seem like the old (wonderful) person and she is determined to figure out why. While I did enjoy this story, some of it just seemed really outlandish. Maybe it’s because I have teachers in my family and know some ins and outs, but some of this seemed too unbelievable and unrealistic. That being said, I did still like it and really liked the characters too, so all in all, it’s a good one.

The Perfect Marriage – 4 stars

This book hooked me! I saw the author promote it on tiktok and it sounded like such a great thriller. Sarah is a lawyer and finds herself defending her husband in a murder that took place in their house. He definitely appears guilty but there are tons of twists and turns here. Sort of saw that ending coming here but it still got me psychologically. This one is pretty crazy and will suck you in instantly.

Luster – 4.5 stars

This one is SO good. This entire story is almost written like a stream of consciousness (but in a better way) and it is difficult to put down. Edie is a Black woman in her 20s who finds herself intwined in an open marriage/family. This has so much depth and it so hard to read at times but also so honest and raw and almost occasionally funny too. I know that sounds crazy! It’s a quick read too – I could not put this one down at all. I had to find out what happened at the end!

The School of Essential Ingredients – 5 stars

This was our August book club pick and I loved it so much. The story is about a woman who owns a restaurant and holds a cooking class – and the book consists of the lives of the students in the class. It is SO good. It’s light and heartwarming. The food descriptions are intense! This is another fairly short read too. It’s a nice read to escape without being too fluffy.

Heart Bones – 5 stars

Colleen Hoover does it again! Her books and writing just get me every time. This story follows a girl who moves to live with her father after her mother’s death. She meets the “rich” neighbor and they are drawn to each other, but of course not everything is as it seems. I absolutely LOVED this book and could not put it down. I sort of saw what was coming with the twist but I also ended up loving the ending.

The Last Flight – 4 stars

So enjoyed this one too! The story follows a woman who is trying to leave her husband. She meets another woman at the airport and they secretly swap lives – but there are multiple twists and turns in this one too. Definitely keeps you on your toes! I liked this one so much and it’s a great quick read. It’s also a fun thriller that doesn’t involve scary/sad/sickness and/or children. Ha. Those thrillers are too tough for me to read.

Live In Love by Lauren Atkins

I love Thomas Rhett and his wife. They seem so down to earth and relatable – and I also think they are really inspiring. So it was fun to read this inside perspective too, but there wasn’t anything huge in here (it’s not juicy or anything like Jessica Simpson or Rob Lowes memoirs, you know?) and if you’re not country music fan, you may not be into it. But I did enjoy the peek behind the scenes.