tuesday things

1. Have you seen the meme: I’m physically in October but mentally still processing March?! OMG that is spot on.

2. Remember last week when I talked about the cricket in my car? Well. Now our entire neighborhood has tons of crane flies, which basically look like enormous mosquitos and they dive bomb us the minute we step outside. As you can imagine, I’m not being dramatic about it at all.

3. Chocolate matcha sticky buns! I need these.

4. TV things!! Did anyone else watch Emily in Paris? I watched the entire thing and was… sort of underwhelmed. It felt really young/fake to me, but at the same time I am so desperate for normal TV and movies to come back! I wanted to love it, and I did like it, but it just didn’t… freak out over it. Thoughts?

5. What are you reading? SO EXCITED because Elin’s new book is out today!! Eeeep!

6. Thoughts on planning 2021 vacations? Would you do it?

7. How to keep a simple home with kids. Love love love this.

8. Is it too early to put up the christmas tree? Asking for a friend.