1. Super exciting news! I’ll be with Elin Hilderbrand on her virtual book tour on Nov 12. You can register here – it’s going to be so super fun.

2. Oh my word – cookie dough stuffed brownies.

3. Does anyone else thing the leaves look outrageously gorgeous this year?! I’m ready to do a fall leaf project with my kids like I did back in first grade.

4. When your task list is overwhelmingly long. I LOVE this. I get overwhelmed really easily, especially when it comes to to-do lists.

5. TV things!! Haven’t watched much of anything this week (a little DWTS here and there – is anyone else watching?) but can I just say that the previews for the show Emergency Call are basically my worst nightmare? Why would anyone want to watch that! I cannot.

6. There’s never been a story like Britney Spears. Can’t stop reading this.

7. Speaking of the above, I’m listening to Mariah Carey’s new memoir on audible and it’s incredible because she narrates it. And she sings in basically every chapter.

8. Thinking of staying at home all winter has me wanting to take up skiing. Even though it terrifies me! Just give me the cozy cabin with twinkle lights and snow.

9. I’m also definitely already thinking about christmas decor. Might bite the bullet Nov 1.

10. I love reading quarantine routines and this one has lots of good tips.