tuesday things

1. This past week, Max called me by his teacher’s name a few times. It was so cute! I remember calling my teacher “mom” in kindergarten and getting so embarrassed. But it’s adorable.

2. Sourdough pancakes!! Totally make these this week. My sourdough starter is still going strong.

3. Have you started holiday shopping yet? I actually have, which is super early for me. My gift guides will be coming in a few weeks! I think this is my tenth year for them!

4. So some exciting news – we are in the process of building of house. Do you want a home series on this? IG stories, blogs? What is one dream thing you wish you could have in your house?

5. Barefoot in quarantine. I love.

6. TV things!! Okay, who watched The West Wing reboot? I watched it and was thrilled, obviously, to see the cast back together. I was disappointed that it was a remake of a previous episode though? I thought we were getting a flash forward!

7. UMMM also, did you see that Dexter is coming back?! Insanity. Pretty sure I documented my Dexter binge watching on Tuesday Things a decade ago.

8. 10 things to do when you’re feeling unproductive.

9. I finished Mariah Carey’s memoir and it was so incredible that I had to tell you about it before my month end reading post. OMG. I might deem it the best book I read all YEAR. Yes. Make sure you listen to it, because she narrates it.

10. How much leopard print it too much leopard print… mine and Emilia’s wardrobes are out of control.