I can’t believe Thanksgiving week is over.

It’s hard to believe! Again, this year is going so slowly but also flying by like crazy. Here’s how our week went!

I made some chex mix in the slow cooker which was a total bust! Much prefer the oven baking method.

Made a few pumpkin dream cakes too! This way everyone could still have pumpkin dream cake since they couldn’t come for thanksgiving.

Annnnd prepped chocolate chip cookies to give away too.

Trying to assemble somewhat of a fancy centerpiece for us! Our usual gathering isn’t HUGE (maybe like 15 people?) but we cut it down to just 4 with the kids.

The kids got to meet their new cousin!! I promise Max was very excited, despite his face. Ha.

I did my usual butter wine roasted turkey!

And we always smoke a second turkey too. Since I had ordered both turkeys in october, before we knew we couldn’t have our usual gathering, we still smoked it so we could give it away. The smoked is SO GOOD. We made full Thanksgiving dinners for a few people that would have usually come!

The fun kids table.

Top knots for life!

This is a plate of leftovers and it looks very 1993, doesn’t it.

This was the only pic we got of ourselves at the end of the night. This sums up our days pretty well.

These two just sit in front of the tree and stare at it. I love it.

Emilia gets my phone constantly. I always find special things on there.

Donuts for the weekend! I want a salad.

We went to the drive thru Christmas lights at the zoo. It was fun and the kids loved it.

Played outside too, because it was pretty warm! Woohoo. P.S. can you find Emilia here?

And my little artist drew his own christmas lights and santa hat. I just love him!