1. I’ve always loved election day and loved voting. I don’t know if it’s because my mom always took us when we were kids, or that my birthday has fallen on election day before. But I’ve always felt lucky to be able to vote and can’t wait to vote today!

2. Setting the clocks back has made me lose my mind! It seems SO dark now. I walked around for most of the day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. Usually this does not affect me that much, but maybe since we are home all the time now, it is. 2020 would have been such a great year to do away with that whole thing.

3. Oh my gosh: oreo meringue brownies. I need these.

4. Are you on the Christmas bandwagon this year? I’m usually on the Christmas music train on November 1st because I love it so much. The year I started my blog I was so miserable in my job that I actually started Oct 1! Ha. I won’t start decorating until next weekend though – I like to wait until after Emilia’s birthday which is this week.

5. I’m obsessed with Rachel’s beginner’s guide to Bravo.

6. TV things!! Okay thoughts on This Is Us? I liked how the kept it current but it was a lot to rewatch and relive it all again. Also, I watched Holidate on Netflix. It was cute! Um, also very excited that Virgin River is coming back at the end of November!

7. The magic of a fresh start!

8. Every few months we go through a cereal obsession. I love a good bowl of cereal but we aren’t a cereal family, I guess? But every now and then, Eddie and I will get into it at the same time (right now it’s multigrain cheerios!) and just demolish a box. Why is it so good.