tuesday things

1. I am absolutely dying over this peanut butter chocolate pecan pie.

2. All Max wants for Christmas is the tape recorder from Home Alone 2! Haha. He doesn’t really understand that they don’t make it anymore (I saw one on ebay for like $900 or something insane) and thinks he is getting one. Oh boy.

3. 10 simple things to try if you’re stressed.

4. Had my first eggnog latte of the year and it was just perfect. Really wishing they’d do an eggnog cream cold brew!

5. TV Things! Okay we have to discuss Grey’s. Jo and Jackson are the romance I didn’t know that I needed. I liked the special ending too, but also hate it because it’s not “real?” You know? Either way, it was fun. And shocking. Also don’t feel like I can watch the show because it’s just reliving 2020 again and again and again. Also going to start The Queen’s Gambit and The Undoing.

6. How to move into action. OMG I LOVE this. It can be applied to so many things!

7. Someone please tell me why my kids only want to watch Halloween movies. I (not-so-secretly) hate Halloween (the kids don’t know this, of course) and continuing to watch Halloween movies mid-November is as bad as it gets. Hello! It’s holiday movie watching season! Right now!

8. Why oh why do I want these light blue ugg clogs? I haven’t gone anywhere since March and they are kind of ugly but maybe they make me feel like it’s 2002 again or something.