tuesday things

1. Last year’s table has me feeling all the feels!

2. OMG I am dying over this skillet creamed corn.

3. Guys! I am weirdly envious of people who seem to be living their lives without a care in the world and traveling like it’s nothing! We still aren’t going anywhere or doing much of anything, but we also don’t have to travel to see our immediate family. How are you guys feeling about things?

4. On that same note, over the weekend I looked at my christmas break post from last year and it was so sad and depressing, since this year won’t be anything like that! I’ve never been so happy that we live minutes away from immediate family, but this list on how to get through the holiday loneliness when you can’t see your family is helpful.

5. The benefits of writing by hand! Oh how I love this. I love writing by hand!

6. TV things!! Okay, so I have never been able to get into The Crown. It is just too slow and boring for me (sorry!!). But now, of course I am DYING to watch this season given what it’s about. Do we think I can just watch this season alone?! And not have to watch the seasons before? Please advise.

7. Officially got most of our Christmas decor up and it feels amazing! Usually I spend the entire weekend after Thanksgiving decorating, but now I feel like I can enjoy it more? Best decision ever.

8. Eddie got new tires on his car this weekend and for the last few days, we thought something died in the garage. The smell is unreal! We have never had that happen before. It’s like burning rubber without the burning.

9. Why we never have enough time and what to do about it!