I can’t believe it! 52 weeks, sharing this post every week! Wasn’t sure if I could do it but WHOA.

Well, let’s get some exciting news out of the way first. On Christmas I shared that baby #3 is on the way!

I’m shocked that some of you haven’t called me out on it earlier based on these weekly posts – I haven’t shown our dinners in forever! Ha! Basically because I can’t even fathom stomaching dinner let alone take a pic of it. LOL. More to come, I’ll do a baby #3 crumbs post later this week!

Our elf was over the top this week. It was seriously fun! We had a great week but come Dec 26, it was sad to have no more elf and no more advent calendars.

I have a matching PJ obsession for the kids. I buy most of our PJs at christmastime and they LOVE to match! We have gingerbread avengers…

Colorful lights (there were Emilia’s fave!).

Christmas village.

And old fashioned santa for christmas morning.

We baked up all of our cookies!

I LOVE that both my kids love to bake.

Let them decorate every.single.one.

We finished this big art posted that Max got for his birthday from his cousins.

And we hung it up in the toy room! haha. It’s so fun.

We made peppermint playdough too!

And pomanders. So many crafts this week.

On christmas eve, we prepped our breakfast for the next day.

On christmas eve, I made filets, caesar salad, almond green beans and my mom made twice baked potatoes. It was so good.

Oh I made a huge cheeseboard too because this may have been the only time in 2020 that I made one?!

Got all dressed up to stay home!

Honestly, this was the best night ever. On christmas day, I was so weepy and sad because Max’s excitement was unlike anything I’ve EVER seen. It took him over an hour to fall asleep because he was so excited. He woke me up at 1, 2, 3 and 4 wanting to go see if santa came! While I know (hope) he will still believe next year, I feel like the excitement will never be on this level again. It won’t be as innocent. I was just so sad that it was over on christmas day!

My best babies!!

Love them so much.

Then, santa came!

The kids had a blast.


Our brunch was amazing!

This overnight breakfast bake was INCREDIBLE. Eddie and I could not stop eating it. It’s very rich but I think I will make it every Christmas morning from now on. Our once a year tradition.

Remember last week when I shared out menu? Well this breakfast was so huge and we ate it so late that we didn’t really eat the rest of the day. We snacked on fruit and cookies! And never got out of pajamas. It was wonderful.

So many christmas outfits and no place to wear them. whomp whomp.

Why does she look 17!

My mom got the kids this melissa and doug s’mores set – omg it’s been such a hit!

Max got a steelers jersey that he was VERY pumped about. See also: our floor has looked like this for three days. I CAN’T GET IT CLEAN!

We finally cooked the lasagna I had made last week that was intended for christmas day. Had it with a house salad and it was FANTASTIC.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Keeping up my tree for at least another week (or two!).