tuesday things

1. This weekend I did a huge closet declutter! The kids stuff, my stuff – it feels so good. I often do it in the spring but held back because most donation places were closed with the pandemic. Now that most donations are open, I’ve been in full declutter mode.

2. Oh my word. Brownie shortbread! What!

3. My saving grave since I’ve had kids and otherwise lost my memory and brain, is to keep notes on everyday holiday (or vacation, etc). This is HUGE and so, so helpful! I keep mine in a google doc. I note things we did this year, when certain tickets go on sale, what to register for if needed, things that didn’t work, our holiday meal (like I have separate Thanksgiving notes docs too) and all that. I’ve done it for years! I cannot recommend it enough.

4. 7 things to do if you’re feeling sad about this weird holiday season.

5. I had never seen these gorgeous advent calendars until Rachel started sharing hers on IG. I’m going to get one for our family next year!

6. TV things!! Um, guys, I rewatched Virgin River again because it just makes me so happy and is the escape I need! The Grey’s surprised was cool but man.. I’m having a hard time reliving that all. And I’m also having a hard time getting into a Million Little Things, which has been my absolute fave for the last two years! What is up with that?!

7. Speaking of, I know I had asked about new christmas traditions a few weeks ago, but I’m specifically trying to find a good one for christmas eve this year! At first I thought I was just going to cook our regular meal for us (christmas eve is huuuuge with our family), but then the more I thought about it, I’m like, that’s ridiculous. I want it to be effortless and fun and still delicious!

8. Create a more spacious life. I LOVE this.

9. Emilia sings herself to sleep everyday and these days, she belts out jingle bell rock. It’s literally the highlight of our night hearing her on the monitor!