Oh this week!

It wasn’t the best as we settled back into the routine.

Got a dusting of snow! Emilia was not impressed.

First recipe fail of the year! Attempting to make heart hot chocolate bombs. HAHAHAHA. They looked like trash. Tasted good though.

My little fruit loving girl!

Some roasted veg for dinner.

The kids had their well checks! I live for Emilia’s outfit.

And on that same note Max got to celebrate his birthday in school! They were closed on his actual birthday.

Fresh sourdough! I didn’t bake it, but my starter is still going strong.

Donuts for the weekend.

Starting a batch of egg salad for the week. My fave.

And finished with pizzas and salads! This greek salad doesn’t look like much but it may have been the best I’ve ever had. Have a great week!