tuesday things

1. I find that I’ve resorted to looking forward to mini holidays (valentine’s day! st patricks day!) to get through our gray dreary winter. January 12 and here I am ready for spring!

2. These bean and cheese burritos look so absolutely perfect!

3. For the last two months, every night before bed, we belt out jingle bells while the kids have a dance party. We usually sing it 11 or 12 times. I’m trying to figure out how long we can keep this song going into the new year!

4. Things to stop (and start!) doing in 2021.

5. TV things! I watched This Is Us last week and maybe I’m just desperate for some good TV, but I thought it was pretty good – just wish it would move quicker! I’m also kind of watching The Bachelor (background watching, haha) since it was filmed locally.

6. Speaking of, thoughts on the SATC reboot? I mean, I am the biggest SATC fan of life, I could watch it all day and night. But I just have a hard time believing it will be good! I got everything I needed with the movies so… thoughts?

7. This new year is a beautiful fresh start.

8. Late at night I look at dreamy, wild real estate for places I’d love to live. Where is your go-to spot?

9. This weekend I read the wife upstairs in about a day – it was so good and I was hooked! What are you reading?