tuesday things

1. It’s not a lie that I’ve kind of been dreaming of girl scout cookies. I don’t think I’ve eaten one in years! I’m team caramel delights though.

2. Citrus cupcakes with blood orange buttercream! HELLO!

3. Last week I walked into Max’s room and he and Emilia were sitting on his bed and he was reading her a book. I just about had a heart explosion!

4. How to do the thing you’re avoiding. Um story of my life.

5. TV things!! Not much to report though I’m considering watching Night Stalker on netflix which would most likely be the worst decision of my life since I loathe anything scary and would have nightmares forever. Have you watched it?! I’ve pretty much never been so desperate to go to a movie theater in my life too. I know you can rent them some places but up until recently even that was closed for us with local restrictions.

6. Anyone else having a hard time feeling positive about spring and summer (and everything after)? Praying for normal life to resume soon. When I look back on what we were doing last year at this time, my mind is blown.

7. Love reading about beauty products people can’t live without. There are many of these I’ve never tried!

8. I had an amazing reading weekend (it’s when I get most of my binge-reading done, haha!) and I just finished how to fail at flirting. It was such a cute and quick read – light, fun and exactly what I needed at this time.