tuesday things

1. There are some luxuries that I’ve never done but have decided that I miss (as if I’ve done them!), like getting a massage. I think I’ve only got one massage in my life but now I’m convinced that once this situation is behind us, I want to make massages more of a routine thing. See also: missing eyelash extensions like whoa. We should all make a list of all the stuff we say we’re going to do and then see if we actually do it.

2. Um, hello biscoff crumble chocolate bark!

3. Everyday at the same time our automatic garage door opener refuses to work. How weird is that?! The same darn time. What kind of freaky thing is happening here?

4. Hacks to help work life balance.

5. TV things!! Have you watched the Tiger Woods special on HBO? Eddie and I were HOOKED on it. It was so good. I’m also about to start Bling Empire. Have you watched it?

6. I am reeeeeally hoping that the olympics happens this year because I’m dying to watch some gymnastics. Speaking of gymnastics, have you seen Nia Dennis’ routine from this weekend?! It was incredible!

7. I remember hearing somewhere years ago that eating ice cream at night can make you have crazy dreams. Never really put any stock in this but over the weekend I had a few bites of ice cream before bed and dreamt like a complete crazy person. I mean, is this a real thing?

8. How to apply the stateless protocol to life. This is so interesting – not sure I can do it.

9. Only thing I’ve craved this entire pregnancy is grapefruit. Like a crazy person! Currently eating one right now at 11pm…